Which Power Supply Should I Choose To Operate My Motorized Shades?

Motorized window shades are a great option for operating shades on hard to reach windows. Motorization is offered in a variety of window treatments including wood blinds, roller shades, silhouettes, honeycomb shades, and shutters. Once you have decided on motorization for your window shades, you must now consider the power supply options. There are two types of power supplies for motorized shades; a battery pack and an AC adapter. If you don’t have any electrical outlets near the top of your windows that are getting the motorized shades, then a battery pack is your best option. Battery packs do not require any direct wiring to outlets and can be easily switched out when the batteries die. A typical battery pack takes 10 AA batteries and, if used twice a day, will last an average of two years until replacement is needed. The only drawbacks to battery packs is that they lack the power to operate larger shades and,when installed on upper windows, an extension ladder is required for battery replacement. If you have electrical outlets nearby, then you may want to consider an AC adapter connection. This connection plugs into a standard three pronged 120 volt electrical outlet and looks like a cell phone charger. This allows you to operate your motorized roller shades without the worry of battery replacement or the shade size. Motorized shades are a great additional feature to most window treatments and, with the right power supply in use, are the easiest shades to function.

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