Valence Clips Can Make or Break Your Blinds!

One of the nicest features of our faux wood and wood blinds are the 3″ crown valences that cover the blind head-rail. The valence is color coordinated with the blind and matches most common trim work (i.e. baseboards, crown molding). Although these valences look great, when standard “U” shaped valence clips are used to for installation, the valence all of a sudden looks tacky and cheap! These flimsy plastic clips wrap around the bottom and top of the valence, creating an eye soar on each side of the blind valence. To avoid this senseless error, we always use hidden clips on our window blind valences. These clips attach to a routed grove on the back of the valence, creating the same structural hold as the exposed clips, and completely hidden from the front of the blind. Of course we would like to be the one’s to sell you your blinds, but if you go with one of our competitors, make sure you request hidden valence clips on your blinds!