The Right Way to Select Blind Colors!

Once you have decided that 2″ or 2 1/2″ blinds are the right window treatment for your home, the difficult process of color selection begins. When selecting the proper window blind color, you need to consider several variables. The first, and most important, is to ensure that the blind colors are the same for each side of the house. A common error we see are blinds that are one color on the first floor front facing windows and a completely different color on the second floor front facing windows. The problem is that, although they coordinate with the interior of the home, that blinds will not match from an exterior perspective. The second variable is paint color. Keep in mind that you will have these blinds for several years and if you ever decide to change the paint color,  you need to make sure the blind will coordinate with the new color as well. This places more emphasis on choosing a neutral color over an accent. The last variable to consider is the light impact on the home interior. Darker colored window blinds, if installed on every window, will darken the home even if fully open. If you like to darker stains, we recommend ordering them on specific windows instead of throughout the entire home. Of course, with all this said, there is nothing wrong with selecting pure white blinds throughout that will match anything!


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