Sliding Door? Try Vertical Honeycomb Shades!

Sliding doors always pose problems when choosing window treatments. The primary issue with sliding doors is selecting a functional yet durable window treatment that will withstand the activity through and around the door. Vertical blinds have been the most popular choice in years past, but the invention of alternative window treatments have allowed for more options to homeowners. The most popular “modern” window treatment for sliding doors are vertical honeycomb shades. These window shades are similar to standard honeycomb shades except for the pleats are vertical instead of horizontal. Vertical honeycomb shades are installed with a track system that mounts directly to the door casing, ensuring that the shade will not move with the door is operated. Another advantage to vertical honeycomb shades is the minimal stacking when the shade is fully open. A typical vertical blind on an average sliding door stacks over two feet when fully open, compared to just 5 inches on a vertical honeycomb shade. If you have a sliding door, I would highly suggest looking into how a vertical honeycomb shade could work for you!