Problems with Roller Shade Cords?

We sell a large volume of roller shade products with manual clutch operation. All clutch operated roller shades use a nylon weave beaded cord for the continuous cord which allows consumers to easily raise and lower the shade without the hassle of excess cord. Although these cords are extremely strong and durable, when installed improperly, they can easily break when lowering the roller shade. This problem occurs when the plastic connector that joins both ends of the cord together, is also used as the stopping mechanism when the shade is lowered to its desired length. The downward pressure of the shade can cause this connector to break, ultimately unraveling the entire roller shade and loosing function of the continuous cord. The avoid this, use a plastic round beaded stop above the connector and place at the proper position so the roller shade stops at the preferred position. The beaded stop will prevent the cord from breaking even when the shade is lowered rapidly. See the picture below which displays both the connector and beaded stop.