How to Cover a Triple Window With Woven Wood Shades

Many kitchens and living rooms have large triple windows that look great but can pose as an obstacle when deciding on the proper window treatment. Woven wood shades are always a popular choice, especially for these living areas. The only drawback to woven wood shades is the weight of the window shade. Since these shades often run heavier than the typical soft window treatment, the maximum allowable width typically does not accommodate a triple window. The solution to this dilemma is three woven wood shades on one head rail. This consists of three separate woven wood shades operated on one continuous head rail. This set-up allows the shade to have one common valence across the three shades, while staying within the maximum size specifications for woven wood shades. The only issue that homeowners should be aware of is that there will be three sets of cords to operate each shade, so make sure you specify the cord positions to minimize cord clutter. For example, the left shade should have the cord on the left side and the right shade on the right side. This prevents the woven wood shades from having two sets of cords side by side. Give us a call today to see how woven wood shades can work for you!

Woven Wood Shades (Sunroom)