Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters Let You Maximize Light Control In Any Room

Many of our customers love the look of plantation shutters but are concerned about the light blockage impact they will have on certain rooms. When plantation shutters are closed, they do a great job of darkening the room (almost to a blackout affect). When the panels remain closed but the louvers are tilted open, the plantation shutters let a considerable amount of light in but obviously block a certain amount because of the panels. The solution to this problem is opening the shutter panels, however,¬†in most standard “French Door” configurations, the protrusion of the panels will create a nuisance in the room. The only way to avoid this problem, is to order the plantation shutters in a bi-fold configuration. For instance, if you have two 20″ panels that open in the center, a bi-fold would hinge the two panels together in the middle, allowing the panels to open on one side instead of two. This¬†prevents the problem of having two panels sticking out into the room. Obviously bi-fold plantation shutters will not be effective in every situation, but it is definitely a wise option to consider when purchasing plantation shutters.