What Do I Put On My Door?

In the several homes we are in every week, we often experience one common problem. What to do about the windows on front and patio doors. The situation usually arises after the perfect treatments are chosen for every window in the house but simply won’t work of the doors. The the most causes of this issue are cord positions, anchor issues, and durability. When selecting a proper treatment for a door you should first consider how the cords will react to the constant opening and closing of the door. Most cord types have a tendency to get caught up between hinge points and potentially ruin the shade. Along with this is the issue of the actual shade moving with the door. Certain shading systems allow you to anchor the shade at the bottom of the glass so the shade remains stationary when the door moves. Lastly, doors are used much more frequently that windows and certain window shades are not meant to sit in active environments. With these factors in mind consider a cordless honeycomb shade with hold down clips. These shades a manufactured without any cords and can easily but stacked at the top of the window with little reveal. Therefore when the shade is fully open the shade will hardly move when the door is opened and the fabric will not be liable to long-term damage. Call us today to discover more about how cordless honeycomb shades can work for your doors.

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