The Simple Beauty of Faux Wood Blinds

The process of creating your home’s decor can be an extensive and, at times, a mind grueling process. Hundreds of color samples, fabric swatches, rug patterns, and other decor accessories can be intimidating to the average homeowner. After years of installing every window treatment imaginable, I always have to revert back to the durability and clean linear style of faux wood blinds. I refer to these blinds as the foundation of all modern window treatments. Faux wood blinds are perhaps the most universal window treatment on the market. The composite wood material can withstand high moisture areas of the house, such as a bathroom or a laundry room, and isn’t susceptible to warping and cracking that wood materials are often associated with. These window blinds also come with a generous price tag, a factor that becomes more important in these tough economic times. Faux wood blinds are a relatively simple and fool-proof design that doesn’t require an expensive manufacturing process. The faux wood blind era is obviously here to stay. Homeowners with older houses are trashing their damaged and dust-ridden aluminum blinds for the time-resistant and affordable faux wood blinds. As long as these blinds keep on satisfying all of our customers, we will continue to offer this great product at extremely affordable prices!


Carolina Blind Crafters, Owner

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