The Right Way to Mount a 2″ Blind Valence

Valences are an essential part of a window blind’s décor. Blind valences hide the internal functional parts of the blind and dress up the top of the window. Most 2 inch blinds are mounted inside the window frame with the valence attaching to the blind using hidden plastic clips. If the window blind is fully recessed in the window frame, then the valence is cut straight on each end, creating a rough edge to the material. To avoid this, simply mount the blind flush with the outside of the window frame and use 1/2″ returns on the end of each valence side to create a continuous finished look (see picture below). The blind valences mounted in this fashion also function well with drapery panels. Since the valence is only protruding out a 1/2″ for the window, simply adjust the drapery brackets out 1/2″ to allow the panels to fall freely over the valence. Blind valences, when mounted correctly, can be the focal point of any window blind!