So long dirty mini blinds!

If you have been one of the many unlucky individuals to own aluminum mini blinds, you share our frustration with these troublesome window blinds. A strong portion of of our customers are upgrading their dirty mini blinds to a nicer more functional product. These window blinds were a common home decor item in the 70’s and 80’s, but now that the 21st century is here, they are undoubtedly a product heading off the decor map. When compared to our 2″ faux wood blind, mini blinds are about the same cost and have a product lifespan of less than have of the faux wood blinds. The small metal slats are a magnet for house dust and the thin aluminum composition twists and bends over time. With our faux wood blinds, you can be assured that you will never experience these problems and have a more beautiful home because of it!