Control More Light With Hidden Tilt Plantation Shutters!

Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular for all types of home decor. A custom plantation shutter can transform any room of the house and emphasize the beauty of each window. One optional feature of plantation shutters that is often overlooked is the hidden tilt feature. Standard plantation shutters have a traditional center tilt rod that is attached to each individual louver on the front face of the shutter. The tilt rod enables you to adjusted the tilt of the louvers simultaneously on each panel. The only downside is that the tilt rod prevents a certain amount of sunlight from entering the room when the louvers are open. The solution to this problem is opting for the hidden tilt feature of your plantation shutters. The hidden tilt function is constructed by a hidden gear system within the plantation shutter panel that allows you to tilt one louver which is connecting to the other louvers on the shutter, creating the same effect as the traditional tilt bar. With the hidden tilt feature of our plantation shutters you can maximize light control of any room and enjoy the beauty of plantation shutters!