Bay Window Coverings

Roman Shades (Bay Window)

Bay windows, jutting out from the main walls of your house, convert a part of your room into a bay area. These windows can be constructed to provide a cozy window seat where you can relax after a tiring day, or have a dialog with nature over a hot cup of coffee. Bay windows let in natural light and give the house a spacious look. Installing bay windows is not a very complex task but getting the right bay window coverings and window treatments can be a little difficult; as the former is a mechanical process and latter requires creativity!

One of the crucial tasks in home decorating is choosing the right window coverings. Not everyone is fortunate to have bay windows that bring in the element of comfort and space in the house. Well, once you finalize on a bay window design plan, your next step will be getting the bay windows installed. And once that’s done, you will need to look out for bay window treatments and coverings. For this, you may like to go through these bay window treatment ideas and decorating tips.

Utility of bay window coverings
Wondering why you need coverings for bay windows? One of the primary functions of bay window coverings is moderation of the sunlight entering the room. Window coverings also help in temperature control and noise insulation. Window coverings for bay windows can also help you maintain the privacy of your room and give it a cozy feel.

How do bay window coverings moderate light and temperature? Although, the purpose of bay windows is to admit maximum light in the room, too much of bright light is not pleasing to the eye and it also leads to a rise in the room temperature. Coverings for a bay window filter the light that enters the room, thus helping in the moderation of brightness and temperature. The option of admitting maximum light into the room remains open, if you choose coverings that can be parted to reveal the windows. Sheers and laces serve this purpose, which makes them very good bay window covering ideas. If you want to block the light completely, you can go for bay window curtains and draperies. They also provide noise insulation.

Window coverings for different bay window designs
If there is space above and on either sides of the bay window, you can choose to extend the window coverings up to the ceiling and on each side of the window. Valances along the tops of the bay window will make it look larger and taller than it actually is. Simple shades or blinds look good on closely spaced bay windows. A pair of panels flanking the entire window and a cornice on top is an excellent bay window covering idea for closely spaced windows. If your bay window design is such that there is enough space between the windows, you can hang stationary panels between them. If the bay windows are many, curtains should be your choice of window coverings.

Installing side panels on the sides of the bay window will make it look wider. Also, vertical blinds and draperies that touch the ground make the bay windows look tall and elegant. However, vertical blinds give the house an office look and can sometimes be difficult to operate as they easily get tangled. If you have a nook in the form of a cushioned set of chairs placed in the bay area of the window, you can go for side panels and a valance as window coverings. They make the nook look more inviting.

Materials for bay window coverings
If your bay window design demands a natural wooden look, you can opt for wooden window coverings. They are resistant to wear and tear and last longer. Synthetic wood coverings give the same natural look to your bay window and are available at affordable prices. Synthetic wood is a good option for bay window coverings in laundry rooms and bathrooms, where moisture content is high. It is also a good option for kitchen window coverings. Vinyl coverings are a maintenance-free window covering alternative. Bamboo coverings are also a good option for bay windows. You can go for bamboo blinds or Roman shades. Both bamboo and wooden bay window coverings give the windows, an exquisite look.

Curtains as bay window coverings
As I have already said, you should go for curtains as bay window coverings, if the bay windows are many in number. Rod-pocket curtains or curtains on rings require a flexible or bent rod to fit the window. Bay window curtains come in solid colors and print fabrics and in a wide range of styles like pleated drapes, velvet drapes, valances and cornices. Café curtains protect privacy, and give a casual look to the window. Choose colors and fabrics according to the color of the room furniture, so that the curtains blend well with the room décor. Using curtains as bay window coverings is a great option, as they transform the house into a place to stay and make you feel at home.

Blinds and shades as bay window coverings
Separate horizontal blinds or roll-up shades for each window are an excellent window covering idea for bay windows. Moreover, you can raise and lower them as and when desired. As already discussed, shades and blinds look good on closely spaced windows. Bamboo shades are a smart choice of window coverings for a bay window. If privacy is not your major concern, you can go for see-through shades. You can go for ribbon or roller shades that roll up and down and Roman shades which pull up into loose pleats. Mini blinds can be considered, but they are not recommended for bay windows. More on window blinds.

Bay window drapery ideas
Pulling a layer of curtains over the front section of the bay windows will block sunlight and still allow the sun to enter the room. You can use two drapes and divide them in the middle. Valances on the top will give the bay window drapery, a layered look. In case, the bay windows are large, you can use a single drape for each window section. Use draperies which can be pulled open with tiebacks on the side windows. Heavy draperies and curtains of thick fabrics provide maximum protection from light. Bright-colored drapes make the room look bigger. Large and bold patterns go well with painted walls, while smaller patterns go well with soft-colored flooring and walls. More on how to hang draperies.

Window shutters as coverings for bay windows
If you don’t want excess fabric in the room, you can go for shutters as coverings for bay windows. Having a separate shutter for each window will allow you to open and close individual windows. Window shutters are available in many types like interior and exterior shutters, plantation shutters and roller shutters made in wood or vinyl. You can choose to pair them with see-through shades. More on exterior wood shutters.

Bay window coverings protect the interiors of your house from those unwelcome peeps of everyone; right from the sun in the sky to the people in the neighborhood, all trying to invade your privacy in their own ways.

By Manali Oak