Ideas To Recycle Your Mini Blinds

Are you redecorating and wondering what to do with your old mini blinds? Just because you are replacing your blinds does not mean they do not work. In fact, here are a few things you can do with your old blinds.

Tree houses and Playhouses Need Shades Too
Whether you have a tree house, a playhouse or just some wood thrown together for a clubhouse in your backyard, every kid needs some place to go off and play.

I am not sure about you but my playhouse got hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The windows were cute but with nothing to cover them, the outside temperature wreaked havoc on it.

However, my kids do not have the same problem. They play in my old playhouse in comfort. The last time I redecorated, I cut my old blinds down to size. I figured I was throwing them out anyway so it wouldn’t hurt to try. I searched the web and found a place that told me how to measure a window and cut down blinds. It worked great and now the playhouse stays cooler in the summer.

Blinds Add Privacy to Travel Vans
After the playhouse, I set my sights on the van. We often go camping in the van. However, over the years the cheap blinds we had in the van had started to bend and break. The ones I took down from the kitchen were still in good shape. Therefore, I simply swapped out the van blinds with the kitchen blinds. Now the kitchen has the new faux wood that I always wanted and the van has the old vinyl blinds.

Our travel van now has the privacy back all thanks to the blinds. We no longer need to tack up a sheet to cover the windows. Now all we do is open and close blinds.

Crazy Containers
Using my old blinds to make new blinds wasn’t that crazy of an idea. In fact, most people say, “I wouldn’t have thought of that but yeah that makes sense.” That is until they realize some items in my house are from old shutters and blinds.

That is right. I took my real wood blinds that I had replaced with energy efficient blinds and reused them. I had always wanted a magazine rack in the living room next to the recliner. Therefore, I took the blinds cut them up and with some liquid nails glued it back together in the shape of a magazine rack. I also made a little step stool for the little one to stand on to reach the sink.

Not everyone likes to recycle their stuff. However, if you do, then I hope this has given you ideas of how to recycle your mini blinds.

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