Vertical Blinds Gallery

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For an attractive and functional window treatment, consider choosing vertical blinds. These window treatments in which the vanes hang from top to bottom are ideal for floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass doors and patio doors.

Providing a clean look and available in a variety of fabrics and vinyl patterns, vertical blinds are a contemporary choice for homeowners. They are excellent for any room that has large windows to be covered – living rooms, dens, family rooms, and kitchens all look enriched with the addition of vertical blinds! When visiting Carolina Blind Crafters, work with your consultant to find the the fabric or vinyl pattern that will look the best in your room!

In addition to being attractive, vertical blinds provide excellent light control. Vanes pivot open and closed to let light in and out, and you can customize the track of your blinds so that the vanes have a one-way, split, center stack or opposite stack based upon your preference.

Come in to Carolina Blind Crafters today for a thorough presentation on how vertical blinds can work well in your home!